Friday, April 8, 2011

Wow! What a busy few weeks :) I have had a whirlwind of a time. Last Tuesday a photographer for the Scarborough Leader came in to take some "action shots". The students in my General Biology course were excited and two of my students were featured with me on the front page. We were doing the mendel's genetics lab using hybridized corn demonstrating the inheritance pattern both phenotype and genotype.

Then, last Thursday the Sun Journal came into my General Biology class and did a video and interview at SMCC.I was teaching about fungus that day and describing the different types/characteristics. Bonnie always does an incredible job writing the story. I love the depth and details that she uses- it feels like you were there. She has been the reporter following my story since 5 years ago when I got paralyzed. She has also done a story about my attempt at walking with long leg braces (wonderful to stand/walk but it used vast amounts of energy). She also did a story when I graduated from UNH in 2009.

I am happy/pleased/surprised to know that they have run my story of my accomplishments in the following newspapers; The Current, The Scarborough Leader, The Sun Journal, The Portland Press Herald, The Forcaster,The Century, SMCC April 2011 newsletter, the UNH Alumni newsletter and I think that's it. I'm glad to serve as a positive role (or roll haha) model for the community, disabled and able bodied alike. Let's keep the momentum and I will continue to love what I do- teaching and being an advocate :)